When you consider all of the costs and hassle that go into radon testing, is it really worth the trouble?

The answer is: YES! If your clients want it, there’s an easy solution!

The Cost of Testing for Radon Yourself:

  • Leasing or buying radon machines is expensive
  • Calibration of machines is costly
  • Salary of certified radon technicians
  • Returning to the property to pick up the machine: the cost, the time, and the coordination with realtors.
  • Insurance for a vehicle
  • Cost of gas and drive time
  • Headache of coordinating with the brokers
  • Hassle of meeting deadlines for agents
  • Worker’s compensation cost
  • Insurance, bonds
  • Certifications

How TRTC Alleviates These Problems:

  • Certified technicians on staff
  • We schedule with the brokers or homeowners
  • We handle the reporting and sending of reports
  • No overhead costs to you
  • You still get paid for the service
  • Third party testing helps keep you away from any conflict of interest
  • You provide an added value service to your customers and all you do is make a phone call!

Get Your Home Tested!

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